BÓJKO​-​BOGÓJKO (promo single version 2017)

from by Joryj Kłoc



Single to the album KORA ©2018

BOJKY [boyki] — own name: the highlanders, gorals (pol.: Bojkowie, slovac.: Bojkovia, czech.: Bojkové, germ.: Bojken) — ethnic group living on the Northern and Southern slopes of the Carpathians ("Boykivshchyna") from rivers Limnytsia and Teresva in the East to the rivers Ug (Uzh) and San (Sian) in the West.

There is a Celtic tribe Boyi, 'cause the Celts took part in the ethnogenesis of the Ukrainian people (for example, see "Latinska culture", "Zarubintsy culture").

The Boiko tribe is considered as descendants of the ancient tribe of White Croats who took part in the ethnogenesis of the Ukrainian and Polish nation in the time Antae's Union.

But ancient Ugric peoples invaded in Danube's lowlands and divided the Eastern and Southern Slavs who were linked together by the Boiko's ancestors....


from remixes :: b​-​sides :: singles, track released August 28, 2017


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Joryj Kłoc Lviv, Ukraine

Joryj Kłoc [yoriy klotz] — band from Lviv that managed Ukrainian ancient instruments to resound in a modern way.

The name of group comes from the secret slang of closed fraternities of blind hurdy-gurdy players: "joryj"— means "honourable", and "kłoc" — whether "chunk", or "old man".

In modern language Joryj Kłoc can be interpret as Respectable, Honorable Man or Cool Peppers, or simply — V.I.P.
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